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Who is my ISP?

Find who is your ISP (Internet Service Provider) instantly. Use our intuitive finder to identify your service provider in a single click.

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Reliance Industries can see all your internet activity. Some ISPs also sell this data to 3rd party.

Just like us, every website they you'll go through will know that you're from Encrypt your internet with a reliable VPN.

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What is an ISP?

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. As the name says, Anyone who provides internet services at your location is your ISP.

Some popular internet providers in the US are Xfinity, Spectrum, Optimum, AT&T, Verizon, Starlink.

Why Should You Know Your ISP?

Knowing what your ISP is can help you solve many problems. Be troubleshooting internet connectivity issues or paying the due charges, you need to know your ISP to do that. Here are a few reasons where knowing about your provider can be helpful.

Resolve internet issues by contacting the tech support

Knowing your provider enables you to check different plans they have and even upgrade or downgrade to a different plan as per needs.

Use online speed testing websites/apps to verify if the actual speeds match the speeds promised by your provider. If there are significant discrepancies, troubleshoot or contact the support.

Knowing who is your ISP can help you be informed about the security issues or vulnerabilities related to them. In most cases internet providers send warnings or notifications to the customers about potential risks and precautions to be safe.

Knowing your ISP can help you determine if the internet issue at your place is due to a service outage pertaining to your internet provider or more widespread. Visit the official website or search for "Internet provider outage" on Google and you'll know. If the internet issue isn't because of an outage or a scheduled maintenance, contact support to solve.

In many small-cities and towns, there are many small ISPs. These providers lease lines from known providers to provide internet connectivity in those areas. So, when you're using an ISP of that level, using this tool can help you find who your real ISP is. Knowing this can help you know the pricing difference in plans and also know about internet connectivity issues.

Overall, Knowing your ISP allows you to make informed decisions, get appropriate assistance and solve internet related issues.

How Did We Find Your ISP?

  • 1

    Internet Service Provider allocates an IP address to your device.

  • 2

    When you open the website, we get your IP (Internet Protocol) address. Not just us, but any website that you’ll open, shall get your IP address.

  • 3

    We maintain a global database of IP addresses owned by different internet service providers (these are the addresses that they allocate to users.)

  • 4

    We look up your IP address and match it with the IP range of your service provider. Voila, we now know who is your ISP.

How Do We Get Your Location?

Just like there’s a database that includes a list of IP addresses owned by an Internet Service Provider, there’s a IP Location database too. All we do is match your IP with the IP range in the IP location database and find out the nearest location. Simple, isn’t it?

But is it Safe? Why should you HIDE it?

A short answer : PRIVACY & SECURITY

When you’re using the Internet, your IP and location details are visible to many websites. Besides that, all your browsing activity is known to your ISP. And in some cases, ISPs sell this data to 3rd parties. Although, the majority of them use it for basic purposes such as showing targeted advertisements, retargeting, and other marketing. However, this data being available to an attacker can cause serious privacy and security concerns.

So how to protect your data and be safe? Well, one of the easiest ways to safeguard your internet privacy and security is by using a reliable VPN such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN. Using a VPN shall encrypt your browsing sessions, anonymize it, and change location.

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