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What is my IP?

Find what is your IP (Internet Protocol) address instantly. Use our intuitive finder to identify your IP address in a single click.

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Reliance Industries can see all your internet activity. Some ISPs also sell this data to 3rd party.

Why is my IP address location wrong?

Do not be alarmed if your IP address is displayed wrong. It could be due to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) you have been using. Or, you might have different geographical data linked to the address. Either way, it’s less of a flaw and more of a mask.

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What is an IP Address?

Ever heard of GPS coordinates? An IP address is like your phone’s or computer’s coordinates. Or you can think of it as your home address, only digital. As for the technical geeks, the IP or Internet Protocol address identifies as a unique numeric label assigned to every device on the network.

Your ISP assigns unique network address to your devices as Public IPs through which all the data is transferred. Want to know who your ISP is? Get details of your internet provider.

How to Find your IP Address?

Finding the IP of your device is easy enough.


An IP address example looks something like this: if you are on IPv4 and something like 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334 if you consider IPv6.

If someone knows your IP address, they can pinpoint your general location. Yet, they cannot directly access the concerned device(s).

The address size of an IPv4 address is 32 bits, whereas an IPv6 IP address is 128 bits long. The latter solves the issue of depleting IP addresses.

You can’t technically change your ISPs allocated IP address, however, you can hide your real IP address by using a proxy server or a VPN.

It is impossible if someone intends to track an IP address to an exact location. They can only pinpoint the general location.

You can use Online IP address lookup tools to find someone else's address. Or you can track the incoming emails and check the full header of the same to pinpoint the address. Or, you can open your PC’s command prompt, type in “Ping”, enter the URL that requires tracing and hit enter.

To locate your local IP address using the command prompt, preferably for network configuration and troubleshooting, you can type in “ipconfig” for Windows and “ifconfig” for macOS and Linux. For Windows, search for the IP address under active connections; for Linux and macOS, look for an “inet” phrase under active interfaces. There would be different IP and inet values, each assigned to the active interfaces like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and more.

Why should one change/hide IP?

By changing the IP, we mean changing the public IP address. One should do that for added privacy and enhanced anonymity. Additionally, hiding or changing your IP can shield you from cybercriminals. And if your proclivities include accessing geo-restricted media, changing the IP makes a lot of sense. Other reasons include avoiding censorship, gaining SEO-based insights for local clients, steering clear of IP bans, and even preventing price discrimination.

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